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    Buy MACHINERY-LINE to Produce Colorful Glass/Patterned Glass

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      Sep 15,2022

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      Aug 15,2022

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    Detailed Specifications

    Dear Sirs: 

    Greetings! How are you? Hope very well upon the receipt of this email!

    We are based in Thailand Company dealing in different industries, with a vast range of products and services that were involve in .We have attached our company profile for your perusal. Please, take a look. Thank You!

    I am sending this email to request proposal with quotation ( ROQ) from your company for  a MACHINERY -LINE to Produce  Colorful Glass/ Patterned Glass, etc., Products!!!   Ive searched your website and found out that you have the processed machine lines for the production and believed you can supply us what we require.

    Please, read below requirements from our customer- the end user. Thank you.

    Our Customer just take over the company, but, after checking the whole Machinery Line, they found it very old and low efficiency. So, they wanted to improve the production by replacing the existing line to a new one. They called my boss Mr.Tom, then, if can help them find a reliable supplier for this type of machinery production line. So, this is the reason why I am connecting with your esteemed company to enquire the Line of Machinery.

    Please, find below what they need;

    Production line A)> Make Color Glass. Raw material From Waste Glass that has been sorted out separately  the colors from the garbage(Green color  from beer Heineken  bottom, Red color from Beer Chang bottom, Clear color from Whisky bottom and some Drinking  Glass. All have been crushed or broken already, but they are still big in size, they wanted to do and make it better.

    So they Need a New Machine ;

    1.Glass  Color Sorting Machine, because some supplier still mix  in different  colors 10% ,so they need to reject a different color out.

    2.)Glass Crusher Machine, need size of product   <  1" , capacity 50ton/day (8hours operation)

    3).Metal Separator ,AS they wanted to  reject ; A. Aluminum cap B. a  Plastic cap from the bottom neck.

    4) Sorting Machine to reject the  Plastic  Label and Paper Label, may be use water tray for all  purity  that will be floating .

    5) Cleaning Equipment  by water jet

    6) Drying Machine to reduce the moisture ,to 1% moisture

    7) Screening  Equipment size, then go to melting process

    Production line B) : Make mix color glassRaw material> Mix waste  Glass / Already Crushed in Mix sizes. Capacity 25ton/day (8hour Operation.) So they Need ;

    1) Cleaning Machine/Equipment by water jet

    2) Drying Machine/Equipment to reduce the moisture to 1% moisture then go to melting process.

    Please, offer your best machine Line to us as mentioned above. Thank You!

    If you have a reference list in Thailand, please, send us details, with pictures

    Thank You so much!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Have a nice day!

    Best regards,


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