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    Interbuild Egypt 2012

    • Name

      Interbuild Egypt 2012
    • Time

      2012/6/21 to 2012/06/25
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      International Exhibitions
    • Venue

    • Detailes

      Exhibition Date: Jun. 21-25, 2012

      Exhibition City: Cairo

      Venue: Cairo International Convention & Exhibition centre (CICC)

      Exhibition Cycle: Every One Year

      Exhibition Type: International Exhibition

      Organizer: Arabian Group for Development


      Event Profile

      Interbuild Egypt is one of the biggest trade expo which will showcase building and construction industry in the Middle East and Africa. It is one of the most informative trade expo which will respond to the construction projects and recover all the related aspects covering construction and building sector. Basically the expo is dedicated towards the theme of Building for the future. In the trade fair, materials for better environment or energy saving construction techniques will be showcased by the exhibitors at global scale.

      Interbuild Egyptis always attended by the researchers and experts linked to the different building and construction fields. Consultants, engineers, contractors, real estate developers and more will also become the part of the expo.


      Exhibitors’ Profile

      Organizers of Interbuild Egyptare expecting more than 1,100 exhibitors from all over the world to participate. Exhibitors such as manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of an array of products such as construction coating, furniture painting, insulation coating, fighting coating, anti-corrosion & protection coating for wooden materials and more will be displayed at the expo. It will be a great networking occasion for the exhibitors to interact with potential buyers.




      1.Building Materials: stone (marble, granite, slate and varios man-made stone), ceramics, type brick, steel, nonferrous metal, wood, ceramic tile, floor and carpet, plaster, oil blankets, rug, paving material, cement, concrete, paint, lime, glass, wallpaper, inlaid wallboard and mosaic etc.


      2. Construction Machinery: processing equipment, construction machinery, construction equipment, site protective equipment, construction facilities etc.


      3. Building Hardware: water injection, plumbing equipment, hardware accessories of sanitary ware, door (including ambry closet door) window and door window hardware fittings, valves, fasteners, standard parts and silk screen etc.


      4.Hvac: sanitary equipment, air conditioning equipment, health technology, water heater and complete equipment, building lighting etc.


      5. Others: building products and structure, roof, pipeline project, fire prevention safety system, construction technique, measurement system, glass products, household decoration etc.

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