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      2013/3/20 to 2013/03/22
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      International Exhibitions
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      GLASSPEX INDIA – International Exhibition for Glass – Production Processing
      Products – will be held for the third time from 20 to 22 March 2013 in Hall V of
      the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. Companies across the
      entire glass industry can register now.
      This highly successful exhibition  for the  glass  industry has  already  become a
      fixture in the international trade fair arena. At the previous edition in 2011 176
      exhibitors from 19  countries presented the latest products and technologies in
      glass production, finishing and applications to over 4,000 international trade
      The participating exhibitors  – including renowned companies such as Bottero,
      DSF Refractories, Emhart Glass, Grenzebach, Hindustan National Glass, SaintGobain SEFPRO, Shamvik Glasstech, Bassra Machine Tools, Den Breven,
      CUMI, IAG, Gujarat Borosil, K-bond, Techno Trade Links  and Zippe
      Industrieanlagen – unanimously praised the excellent organisation of the event
      by  Messe Düsseldorf India  and  the high calibre of visitors that made
      GLASSPEX INDIA an outstanding communication platform for exchange among
      experts from the glass fraternity.
      The forthcoming event will also follow on from this success because India is
      among the world’s fastest growing markets and a highly attractive economic
      region, especially for the glass industry. Rising population figures on the
      subcontinent, a higher standard of living and the associated demand for
      consumer goods have generated rising demand in the construction sector, the
      automotive industry as well as in the packaging, electrical and pharmaceutical
      industries – areas where glass plays a prominent role as a raw material. 2
      At GLASSPEX  INDIA exhibitors can obtain selected exposure to the Indian
      market and make new business contacts  – banking on Messe Düsseldorf (as
      the organiser of the world’s most important glass trade fair glasstec). The
      AIGMF (All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation) and VDMA e.V. (Association
      of German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers) provide their support as strong
      cooperation partners.
      The 10
      International Glass Technology Conference of the AIGMF titled
      “Managing Sustainable Growth” will be held parallel to  GLASSPEX  INDIA in
      2013. This renowned conference provides an ideal complement  for to  the
      content of the trade fair thereby making it even more attractive to visitors.     
      The 3
      Glass Performance Days India (GPD),  where current trends  on the
      Indian  glass market as well as glass architecture and solar technology are
      discussed, will round off the wide range of side events for GLASSPEX INDIA.
      For exhibitor registration documents as well as further information on
      GLASSPEX INDIA please visit  www.glasspex.com  or contact  Messe
      Düsseldorf: Ms Gabriele Schreiber, SchreiberG@messe-duesseldorf.de,
      Tel.: +49 (0) 2 11. 45 60-77 62 or Ms Lata Subramanian,
      SubramanianL@md-india.com, Tel.: +91 (0) 11. 26 97-30 68.
      Upon publication a reference copy would be appreciated!
      May 2012  
      Contact for the Press:
      Eva Rugenstein / Larissa Browa
      Tel.: +49 211 4560-240, -549
      Fax: +49 211 4560 8548
      E-Mail: RugensteinE@messe-duesseldorf.de

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