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    GLASS 2018

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      GLASS 2018
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      2018/11/14 to 2018/11/17
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      International Exhibitions
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      GLASS 2018

      310 days left

      Glass Industry Fair

      Date: 11/14/2018 - 11/17/2018

      Venue: Poznan International Fair Grounds, Poznan, Poland

      Concurrent Expo: STONE 2018 - Stone Industry Fair

      GLASS is a project meant to combine the exposition of machinery, equipment and accessories for the processing of flat glass with the presentation of the most recent applications of glass in construction and architecture, as well as glass products used in interiors. 

      Through the presentation of unique uses of glass products, we wish to promote glass in Poland as an aesthetic and ecological material with many applications. Glass used in the construction industry may indeed influence the reduction of energy consumption, can provide security by protecting against burglary, it can guarantee the comfort of staying indoors by limiting noise, it can also serve as a modern, self-cleaning facade or exterior glass walls (roofs, skylights, conservatories). It also works perfectly in the interiors as walls, railings, covers, stairs and floors. 

      Website: http://glass.mtp.pl/en/

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