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  • Glass Quotation

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    Industry News

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    British Glass statement on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme

    It is vital that the government delivers on its Energy Security Strategy to allow the glass industry to remain internationally competitive

    Glass Door Merchandisers Market 2023 Comprehensive Analysis and Regional Forecast

    The Global Glass Door Merchandizers Market to grow with a year-on-year growth of 6.4% in 2022 reaching a value of about US$ 8,802.90 Mn by 2029.

    Success Stories

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    Jingcheng Shared Successful experience of $30000 order during COVID-19

    Recently, Tengzhou Jingcheng Mirror Co., Ltd. gained more than $30000 through www.dj-speakers.com. China Glass Network is the best bridge for us to find overseas customers;

    A Foreign Trade Dream of a Chinese Glass Enterprise

    ​“Hello, this is Danny from China Glass Network. What can I do for you?” As a new week began, the customer service of China Glass Network, is already busy with communicating

    Our Activities

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    Day 1 of Glasstec starts NOW!

    Day 1 of Glasstec starts NOW! Let's GO! Come stop by the China Glass Network stand and say hi.

    The 17th ZAK Glass Technology Expo opened grandly in New Delhi today!

    (China Glass Network) The 17th ZAK Glass Technology Expo opened grandly in New Delhi today! Welcome to the booth of China Glass Network: GC40.

    Holiday Arrangement of China Glass Network

    We will have the Dragon Boat Holiday from June 7th to June 9th, 2019 and resume to work on June 10th.Please kindly send email to glassinchina01@163.com...

    Annual Conference of China Glass Industry 2019-The Sixth Golden Glass Award ceremony held in Beijing

    (China Glass Network)Under the background of economic globalization, with the rapid development of the new scientific and technological revolution, 5G, intelligent manufacturing, big data

    Exhibition News

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    Hot News

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