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    Kuraray supports a German nationwide 100ProLesen concept

    Post TimeAug 15,2022Classify:Company NewsView985

    Kuraray supports the objective of "100ProLesen" to strengthen and promote individual reading and learning skills.

    The Kuraray Group is a publicly traded specialty chemicals company headquartered in Tokyo and is one of the largest suppliers of polymers and synthetic microfibers in the world. In order to maintain our internal quality standards and to continue to operate successfully in the market, we need employees who can act independently. We put an emphasis on providing each employee with the opportunity for advancement in accordance with his or her skills and interests.

    The nationwide "100ProLesen" project supports this strategy and starts very intelligently at a very early age - with children. The nationwide "100ProLesen" network encourages children and young people to form their own opinions from an early age - from daycare centers through all types of schools to vocational schools - to help them develop their own voice.

    In the region of our production site in Troisdorf, the initiative is supported by the Kölner Stadtanzeiger from the DuMont publishing house in Cologne and we are part of it. According to the objective, the promotion of children and young people forming their own opinions should start at an early stage in schools.

    The desire of schools to be supported by fact-based news is growing. More than 3,400 schools certified by "100PoLesen" are already working with the initiative nationwide. 100ProLesen schools guarantee the use of fact-based news formats and the need to use them curricularly.


     Kuraray supports the objective of "100ProLesen" to strengthen and promote individual reading and learning skills. We intend to offer perspectives while also assisting in preparing them for the future. We want to „prove that reading is fun.

    We do this because we may profit from the children's curiosity and creativity in the future. We would also be thrilled if the children of today, who will one day work for us, carried with them the same enthusiasm and vigor into their careers.

    Source: www.trosifol.comAuthor: shangyi

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